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Drumline Live is a theatrical production created from the executive consultants of the hit 2002 movie Drumline. Dramatic lighting, intricate choreography, exciting costumes and stage effects enhance the show theatrically


Drum Corps International (DCI) and DRUMLine Live have combined forces to support music education all across America through the competition, DRUMLINE BATTLE!!  The drumlines that win the competition will get the opportunity to perform as the opening act for a DRUMLine Live show or DCI event!

How Do You Participate

Simply prepare and video record a 1.5 to 2.0 minute marching percussion drum solo (battery only). Your video cannot surpass 2.0 minutes or your drumline will be disqualified.  Be sure to incorporate your overall drumming skills.  Add some visuals, stunts, and stick tricks to display your showmanship and you’re good to go!  It’s that easy and it’s a lot of fun!  You can use material from your winter line, fall show or something produced just for this competition.


  • Upload your 1.5 to 2.0 minute video to or 

  • Viewers will vote online for the best performing drumline.

  • The two drumlines that receive the most votes will go into a head-to-head online or live “Battle Zone”.  

  • The online battle will consist of reposting the videos for the two drumline finalists.  Viewers will vote online for the best performance.

  • The live battle will feature the two drumline finalists in a live performance of their 1.5 to 2.0 minute solo.  Each drumline will face each other in their own 12 meter x 12 meter battle zone, separated by a 2 meter wide neutral zone.  The audience will vote online for the best performance using their cell phones, tablets, etc.

  • The drumline that receives the most votes from the final online or live battle will be declared the winner!



Competitions will take place in every city on the DRUMLine Live tour.  All drumlines in the immediate area are encouraged to participate.  The drumline that receives the most online votes in each city will get an opportunity to perform as the opening act for a DRUMLine Live show or DCI event!  A special award will also be presented to the winning drumline in each city. 


The two drumline finalists will be able to sell tickets to DRUMLine Live at their schools.  Proceeds from each ticket sold will go back into the local school budget.

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