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Do you think you have what it takes to be a member of our show cast? Auditions are taking place for current and future world-wide touring of the production.

Submit Your Online Auditions Now!

You can submit your audition video via YouTube:

  1. Record audition
  2. Upload video to storage drive
  3. Create YouTube account (if you do not already have one)
  4. Upload video to YouTube from computer or directly from recording device
  5. Select your video using the "edit" option or "Info and Settings"
  6. Scroll down to "broadcasting and sharing" options to "privacy settings"
  7. Select "private viewable by up to 25 people"
  8. Go to "My account" check "inbox"
  9. Select "compose"
  10. Fill in field "drumlinelive@gmail.com"
  11. Scroll down to "Attach video"
  12. Click on drop down menu tab and select "video"
  13. Click "Send"
Or choose alternate method from step 6 above:
  1. Click your username at the top of page
  2. Click on your audition video
  3. Scroll down to "Share" option
  4. Scroll down to "send this video"
  5. Enter the username "Drumlinelivetour" to send directly to our YouTube account or enter drumlinelive@gmail.com to send to our email address
  6. Click send


If you’re interested in becoming a DRUMLine Live cast member, fill out the form below. We’ll send you news and updates during the casting process, including announcements of audition dates in a city near you!

Send all questions or inquiries to: questions@drumlinecasting.com

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Audition Criteria

Everyone must perform an acting monologue! (See Below)

Please do not audition if you are not prepared for all aspects of the necessary requirements.


  • Must perform a minimum of six chromatically adjacent major and minor scales.
  • Must play the chromatic scale the full practical range of the instrument.
  • Must perform a solo that demonstrates your advanced technical and lyrical abilities.
  • If you play jazz, be prepared to improvise in any key.
  • Percussionist must perform an advanced level snare drum solo and a minimum of 12 rudiments, opened to closed at a minimum tempo of 120.
  • Drum set performers must play a minimum 60 second demonstration of your best ability in any musical medium or style.


Must provide a 64 count marching demonstration of an HBCU style band.


Must perform an excerpt that demonstrates your best vocal ability, 8 to 16 measures in any medium (Rhythm and Blues, Hip-Hop, Classical, Jazz, Rap, Spoken-Word, etc.)


Must demonstrate the ability to act and role play a 30 to 60 second scene of your choice or you must react (act) to a minister preaching a sermon.  As he preaches the sermon, you are gradually inspired to the point of a Hallelujah Shout/Dance.  We are looking for the versatility and FUN in YOU.


  • Dancers will be asked to demonstrate, in isolation, turns/turn sequence, splits, leaps/leap sequence, kicks/kick sequence, toe touches, and extensions.
  • Dancers must perform a prepared combination that demonstrates an exceptional range of your dancing ability in any medium(s) of your choice (Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Ballet, Tap, Stepping, etc). Please bring a current Photo and your own music on CD.
  • Dancers will be asked to demonstrate a secondary talent (Singing, Acting, Secondary Dance medium etc.)
  • Dancers must also be prepared to learn a routine taught by the DrumLine Live choreographer as a part of the final audition process
  • Q. What should I wear to Auditions?
    A. Dress may be anything comfortable that showcases your figure and does not restrict movement. (A two piece leotard will be required for any call-back and final auditions)
  • Q. How should I wear my Hair?
    A. Hair should be worn in a current style that is complimentary to your face and should be worn down in order to promote movement.
  • Q. How should I wear my make-up?
    A. For the purpose of auditions, Make-up should be worn in moderation and in tones that compliment your natural beauty.
  • Q. What are the judges looking for?
    A. Judges will focus on dance technique, routine execution, flexibility, showmanship, poise, attitude, personality, personal appearance, enthusiasm, and energy.

Desired Position/Instrument (Must have a minimum of two diverse talents):

  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Clarinet
  • Piccolo
  • Alto Sax
  • Percussion
  • Dancer
  • Actor
  • Vocalist